Programs and Staff

The Mission Center is open daily from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Individuals and groups are welcome. Groups may use the facility for special events. Group arrangements must be made by calling 215-244-9900 ext 380.


Day retreats and programs are offered for both student and adult groups. Subjects include:

  • Preparation for First
  • Preparation for Confirmation
  • American Saints
  • Mary
  • Angels
  • Our Journey (Jr. High)
  • Relationships (High School)
  • Faculty Retreats/Days of Prayer
  • Scripture, Sacraments, Advent, Lent … programs are adaptable.
  • Breakfast and lunch available upon request. (Additional cost.)

The Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament partner with others to offer programs in
spirituality, justice issues, environmental responsibility, Eucharistic theology,
liturgy, etc

If a priest accompanies the group, Mass may be offered in
St. Elizabeth Chapel.

Basic cost for group pilgrimage/program: $5 per student; $8 per adult.


Mission Center Director:
Sr. Patricia Downs, SBS   215-244-9900 ext 402

Tina Gerlach, Office Manager   215-244-9900 ext 380


Pilgrimage/ Retreat Presenter:
Sr. Agnes McDevitt   215-244-9900 ext 380







Adult Spirituality/Special Programs/Faith Sharing Circle:
Sr. Annette Marie O’Donnell, SBS   215-244-9900 ext 326      


Sister Annette Marie O’Donnell works with and Diane Senner in a grief counseling session at the Mission Center.









Shrine and Chapel Hospitality:
Sr. Joan Burnes, SBS   215-244-9900 ext 322                                                 

Crafts Coordinator:
Mena Dittert   215-244-9900 ext 376

215-244-9900 ext 381                                                                             

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