Catholic Schools Week 2018



Instituted in 1974 as an annual week-long celebration, National Catholic Schools Week strives to focus on the importance of Catholic School education in the United States. This year’s theme for 2018 is…

Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.

Sr. Marjorie Everett, SBS

During Catholic Schools Week we recall that parents want the best for their children and willingly make sacrifices to obtain that. For several generations mothers and fathers have enrolled their youngsters in parochial schools based upon these beliefs.  Parents want good academics – yes; suitable discipline – yes; moral values – yes – and more. The sacraments. 

Catholic schools emphasize the inherent worth of each person in the eyes of God. Teachers encourage continued development of a relationship with God. The sacraments of reconciliation and the Eucharist give strength to maintain and deepen that relationship with God. This is preparation not just for life, but for eternal life.

This week we thank and support all those who have guided, comforted, challenged, instructed, and most of all, loved the students, past and present, of our Catholic Schools.  

Since their founding in 1891 by St. Katharine Drexel, many of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament have served in ministry as Catholic educators. In honor of Catholic Schools Week, we asked the Sisters at Paul’s Run Retirement community some questions about their experiences and what they felt were key values of a Catholic education. Here is a list of the questions we asked, along with some of the Sisters’ responses.

What do you feel is the main benefit of receiving a Catholic School education?

“A student is immersed in what it means to be a member of the Body of Christ and have a deep relationship with God; and the student is given a great scholastic background.”

– Sr. Anne Kelly, SBS

“The whole person is educated — spiritually, academically, and healthwise.”


– Sr. Annette Marie O’Donnell, SBS

“That each student is able to use the gifts and talents given to them by God to reach their greatest potential.”

– Sr. Geraldine Mikulec, SBS

“Acceptance of all, regardless of race, religion, or status.”

– Sr. Carole Eden, SBS

“Students are grounded in faith, hope and love, which puts Jesus first, others next, and then self. To achieve this, they received guidance.”

– Sr. Pat Marshall, SBS

Sr. Jeanette Kinlicheeny, SBS
(pictured directly below)…

“To know God, to love God, and to serve Him.”


Sr. Roland Lagarde, SBS
(also pictured below)…

“Learning and practicing the Catholic Religion.”

Through your experience as a Catholic School Educator, is there one thing that satisfied you most when a student truly learned it?

the ability to read and comprehend, a necessity in life

– Sr. Dorothy Dowd, SBS

“To integrate their Navajo cultural concepts with the Catholic faith.”

– Sr. Jeanette Kinlicheeny, SBS

Sr. Anne Kelly, SBS
(pictured previously)…

“The one thing that satisfied me most when a student truly learned a concept was to see the light in that student’s eyes and their knowing that they really know in the depths of their heart and soul what that concept means, and how to apply it when, and if needed.”

“There is more than one thing that satisfied me about the student,.a wonderful change for the better came over the student.”

– Sr. Rolande Lagarde, SBS

Name a virtue that you feel your students gained by receiving a Catholic School education, and how it benefits them in life.

“Appreciation of one’s potential and respect for others by inclusive ways of peer leadership.”


– Sr. Margaret Sullivan, SBS


Sr. Jeannette Kinlicheeny, SBS
(pictured previously)…

“To bring justice and God’s love to all peoples.”

“Gratitude. They continue to let us know through-out time, and even to this day, how grateful they are for our bringing them to Christ; for our making a difference in their lives; for teaching them about a loving God; for teaching them how to read. They often say, ‘Sister, thank you so much for your love and your presence in my life.’ ”

– Sr. Mary Roger Thibodeaux, SBS

“Belief in themselves.”

– Sr. Jane Norton, SB





Sr. Carole Eden, SBS
(pictured previously)…

“Charity. Being able to see that all are in need of friendship.”

Sr. Annette Marie O’Donnell, SBS
(pictured previously)…

“A grounding in their faith which should support them through the up’s and down’s of life.”


Sr. Roland Lagarde, SBS
(pictured previously)…

“Faith, Hope, Charity. They are the foundation of all of the other virtues.”