Our Mission:
As Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament,
we believe God calls us to be a sign in the world of the power of the Eucharistic Christ
to effect unity and community among all peoples.

Sharing Thank You notes for Saint Katharine’s intercession

A thank you for prayers for Diane’s teen niece (Ashley). She “had taken a turn for the worse” (following slight mono infection and severe pancreatic attack), developed raging sinus infection which ruptured an ear drum, swelled an eye, elevated her heart rate, lowered her oxygen, impaired her kidneys, caused a fever, collapsed her lung, she was on life support and had no nutrition for nine days.  She began to improve by Sunday, was removed from life support, breathing on her own, and learned she was released from hospital and sent home the other day.  Thanks be to God.

Helped us to sell our house to avoid foreclosure, bankruptcy or Sheriff Sale.

Our daughter Katharine was due March 2013. St. Katharine was the saint for March in Year of Faith, so we decided to name our daughter after SKD. Although she was born on April 1st, we were so inspired by the life and witness of SKD we decided to keep her name…feeling God wanted her to be named after SKD.

I was diagnosed with a severe disease on a bone marrow biopsy. I prayed at this shrine and my second bone marrow biopsy did not show that disease. Thank you St. Katharine and the Lord!

Thank you for letting my son get a job.

Thank you for healing my daughter from her addictions and giving her a healthy baby.

Thank you for helping my dad get his job.

Thank you for healing Olivia.

Thank you for giving my husband strength to heal and rid him of infection and for your love and guidance to my family and friends.



“All that occurs daily is to be used as an opportunity to bring His life into our life.”

Special Prayer Requests - please pray with us!

Pray for guidance and direction on our son’s future.

For the healing of our daughter Amber.

For my cousin K that he be free of seizures and offered a job which satisfies him financially and emotionally.

For the healing of my brother Andrew.

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