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“May our joy be rooted in our eyes of faith that find Jesus each day in all those we meet.” 

Sharing Thank You notes for Saint Katharine’s intercession

Doctors were AMAZED! My sister Cindy no longer needs hip replacement – 90% healed after praying to SKD. They drained a cyst and it was non-cancerous. Thank you!

I am cancer-free and my kidney is fine. Thank you!

My grand-daughter was cured from addiction. She is well for 2 years now. Thank you!

Thank you, St. Katharine, for healing my cousin from brain cancer and letting him live a long life with health. Amen.



“The extent of our love for another is measured, not so much by words of affection spoken, as by acts of kindness which a loving heart prompts“.  MMKsignature

Special Prayer Requests - please pray with us!

Please pray for my health.  Give me strength to get back to God in mind and body.

Please don’t let my son’s cancer come back!! 

Please pray for my husband, Rick, to bring him home from Nigeria.  He was robbed and shot by terrorists.  Thank you.      Sharon

 Please pray for my son to have strength to use his ability to make the world a better place. 

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