Our Mission:
As Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament,
we believe God calls us to be a sign in the world of the power of the Eucharistic Christ
to effect unity and community among all peoples.

Sharing Thank You notes for Saint Katharine’s intercession

Thank you for keeping my husband cancer free.

Thank you for helping my son, Jeff… I still consider her his personal saint.

Thank you for helping my son reach his dream and become a police officer. Please keep him safe.

Thank you for helping me through my stressful time in life. For being a good father to my children.

Thank you for healing my eye.

Thank you for healing the cancer patients in my family!

Praise God and thanksgiving for saints’ prayers – the Gianna Center of Phila is in development.

Thank you for helping my daughter through college.

Thank you for healing JK. He is cancer free.

I changes my perspective of life. I have a loving family. I learned to cherish the time I have on this planet.

Thank you for letting my cousin get pregnant again.

Thank you for continued healing of my daughter Christy’s hearing. Thank you for granting her healing both physically and spiritually.

Thank you that my Nona was safe.

Thank you for my daughter in sobriety for drug abuse and her having a healthy, happy, pleasant baby.


“All that occurs daily is to be used as an opportunity to bring His life into our life.”

Special Prayer Requests - please pray with us!

Pray for guidance and direction on our son’s future.

For the healing of our daughter Amber.

For my cousin K that he be free of seizures and offered a job which satisfies him financially and emotionally.

For the healing of my brother Andrew.