Does the Communications Dept.
have its own ministry?

Yes indeed! Our Communications Department utilizes social media and our website to convey the message of how the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, Associates and others live in today’s world the values St. Katharine Drexel learned from Christ — to be rooted in Eucharist, to evangelize, to seek justice, to serve the poor and build community.

The Department also assists Sisters and other Partners with their marketing, photography and promotional materials. Our Communications Manager also works with Sr. Annette Marie O’Donnell, SBS, on editing and promoting her blog, Companions on a Faith Journey, which is available in both English and Spanish translation. (See sidebar for a link to that blog).

Promotional Materials: Advertisements, graphics, logos, brochures, newsletters, booklets and prayer cards. Most materials are printed in-house and finished in the production area of our Communications room. Larger volumes are sent to off-site printers. The Communications Manager is also responsible for work associated with the web including updating and creating new material, management of social media, public relations and office communications.

MISSION Magazine is a biannual publication produced by the Communications Department that encourages readers to live Gospel values. Articles about SBS, Associates and partners include shared efforts to evangelize, promote justice and respect different cultures. MISSION describes what Black and Native Americans and other persons accomplish in the Church and society TODAY. It features spotlights and in-depth stories on our Sisters’ ministries, photos of key events and achievements, and memorials of our Sisters who have gone on to their eternal reward.

Beginning in March 2017,  MISSION took on a new look and format. We are now providing two choices for viewing/downloading each issue, as a single, printable page or in 2 page spreads.

Check Out our New Mission Magazine Page!

With so many wonderful past and present issues to share, we have created a page solely for MISSION Magazine, so that you can find these resources easily.

To download and read a pdf copy of MISSION, click on this link or go to our website News & Events tab and locate MISSION Magazine in the pull down menu.



Check out Sr. Annette Marie O’Donnell’s Blog
with Posts in both English & Spanish.

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Katharine Drexel & Communications

Katharine Drexel was a prodigious writer. She constantly wrote letters — from her desk, on a train, while she was visiting a mission. Our SBS Archives have a rich collection of her correspondence.

Young Katharine felt called to the contemplative life. Bishop O’Connor, her spiritual director, finally agreed she had a religious vocation, but almost commanded her to found a new order serving the Indians and Colored People. Katharine was appalled at the thought. She did not think she was virtuous enough. She wrote back…

“I know the privations, the trials, the temptations, and I ask myself, could I go through all these things in a manner suitable for edifying the religious of my order?”

Shortly Before Entering ConventBishop O’Connor replied, “I was never so sure of any vocation, not even my own, as I am of yours. If you do not establish the order in question, you will allow to pass an opportunity of doing immense service to the Church which may not occur again.”

Towards the end of his letter, her director writes, “Even as a foundress, you will have your faults, but God not you will do the work. He often makes use of very weak instruments. The question is not will you be all you should be, but does God will you to be his instrument.…”

Katharine made a private retreat on the feast of St. Joseph. “I had a lovely retreat. It was only this morning,” she wrote on March 19, 1889, “that I could promise Our Lord to please Him by entering fully into your plan of founding an order. As long as I look on self, I cannot. Our Lord gives and will give me the grace always to look at Him.”