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Katharine Drexel sought to undo the effects of racial injustice. She strove to build up the body of Christ and help bring about the unity of the sons and daughters of God through works of mercy and justice.
Source: Share The Bread (SBS Document)

If there is any prejudice in the mind, we must uproot it, or it will pull us down.
Saint Katharine Drexel



There is no single profile for trafficking victims; trafficking occurs to adults and minors in rural, suburban, or urban communities across the country. Victims of human trafficking have diverse socio-economic backgrounds, varied levels of education, and may be documented or undocumented. Traffickers target victims using tailored methods of recruitment and control they find to be effective in compelling that individual into forced labor or commercial sex.

While human trafficking spans all demographics, there are some circumstances or vulnerabilities that lead to a higher susceptibility to victimization and human trafficking. While not inclusive of all vulnerabilities, the following highlights a few risk factors for victims of human trafficking.

Runaway and homeless youth are vulnerable to trafficking. A study in Chicago found that 56 percent of prostituted women were initially runaway youth and similar numbers have been identified for male populations. Runaway and homeless youth lack a strong supportive network and runaway to unfamiliar environments are particularly at risk of trafficking. Runaway youth are often approached by traffickers at transportation hubs, shelters or other public spaces. These traffickers pretend to be a boyfriend or significant other, using feigned affection and manipulation to elicit commercial sex or services from the victim.

May each one of us feel committed to being a voice for our brothers and sisters, who have been humiliated in their dignity. Let us all pray …

(Pope Francis: Angelus Prayer February 8, 2015)


Justice Committee Members:
Sr. Jean Olmstead, Joyce Hadley, ASBS, Hilda Wiltz, ASBS, Carole Blanks, ASBS, Sr. Zoe Brenner, Chairperson, Sr. Pat Downs


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