Social Justice
Rooted in the Eucharist
Service to the Poor

Core Value of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament and Associates of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament

We live in solidarity with those who are denied full human dignity, praying for justice, acting justly, and addressing the causes and effects of justice.



Our Mission As Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, we believe God calls us to be a sign in the world of the power of the Eucharistic Christ to effect unity and community among all peoples.

 Mission Statement
Guided by the spirit of Katharine Drexelwe are called to share the gospel message with the poor, especially among the Black and Native American peoples and to challenge all forms of racism,  as well as the other deeply rooted  injustices in the world today.

 +Unite with others in society to liberate oppressed people and change oppressive structures.

+Leadership is permeated by Gospel values. It is motivated by a sense of Christian service and not only by a desire for material achievement.
“We must identify with our work only in as much it is Christ’s work.”
“LOVE IS PROVEN BY DEEDS”   Saint Katharine Drexel

 Lay people are on the front line of the life of the Church.
We need their testimony regarding the truth of the Gospel and their example of expressing their faith by practicing solidarity.
Let us give thanks for the lay people who take risks, who are not afraid and who offer reasons for hope to the poorest, to the excluded, to the marginalized.
Let us pray together this month that the lay faithful may fulfill their specific mission, the mission that they received in Baptism, putting their creativity at the service of the challenges of today’s world. 

Message of Pope Francis in his May Message to the Laity