Where We Are and What We Do


Even as we have shared the Gospel, taught in schools, visited homes, assisted homeless women with children, brought nursing skills to underprivileged neighborhoods, etc., we have learned a lot from the people among whom we work. Our preconceived ideas have been challenged, we’ve experienced the beauty of the liturgy celebrated in Black and Native American local parishes, and we have been welcomed into
their homes.

Together we share the joy of welcoming  Christ’s love into our lives and those of our neighbors, far and near.

Where We Are, What We Do.

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Empowerment Through Nutrition Education


Sr. Laura readies utensils and food items for upcoming Cooking Counts class at Padgett Village in Pahokee, FL.

Through  the Glades Initiative program Cooking Matters,  Sr. Laura Cavanaugh, SBS, works to improve the health of disenfranchised people in Palm Beach County, Florida. Cooking Matters is a six week program focused on improving access to affordable food and healthy eating habits. As its Training Coordinator, Sr. Laura organizes, attends and participates in each weekly session.

In August 2014 Sister presented the program to the residents at the Sago Palm Re-entry Center where the Department of Corrections prepares soon-to-be released prisoners for reentry into the community.  Many newly released residents face financial problems.

This is not a typical cooking course. Sr. Laura and other volunteers teach participants how to prepare nourishing meals on a limited budget. While covering nutrition, food safety and knife skills, Sister demonstrates proper preparation of delicious yet simple meals. The Sago Palm residents learned to shop and to read content labels while keeping family health in mind. One week, the class toured a simulated grocery store set up in their cafeteria. Participants checked prices, labels and thought about their food budget.

At the end of a six-week session, the participants graduate and Sr. Laura and the volunteers move on to other locations. Sister has worked with Senior Center residents and mothers with children as well as with the Sego Palm Re-entry Center residents.

L's Nutrition class2

Sr. Laura and Padgett Village residents are ready to begin class on preparing affordable, healthy and tasty meals for their families.

The Cooking Matters program sponsored by Glades Initiative improves access to affordable food, food budgeting skills, nutritious eating habits and healthy living for Glades residents. If you want to know more, contact Sr. Laura Cavanaugh at the Glades Initiative, Inc. 561-996-3310 or sisterlaura@gladesinitiative.org .