Social Justice Virtual Event 2021

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Sunday, April 25

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Saturday, May 1

St. Katharine Drexel, The Holy Heiress Docuseries

“It is such a need to love one another, to trust one another, and to respect people.” Katharine Drexel’s life mission was to save souls and make the world a more racially and socially just place, and it’s hoped that in her new home, more and more people will hear her story and be inspired.


Videos from Paul’s Run

A few of our Sisters living at Paul’s Run took the time to reflect on their journeys as Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. Enjoy!

Sisters Mary Hottenroth and Mary Roger Thibodeaux reflect on their journeys to become Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. Both Sisters ended up in New York City, but had very different journeys to get there.


Sisters Christa McGill, Dorothy Dowd, and Pat Downs close out our week of social justice conversations by encouraging all of us to be grateful for all we have been given, use our gifts to the fullest and love our neighbors as ourselves.


What about me? What can I do today?

When Pope Leo XIII asked Katharine Drexel, “What about you?,” in response to her pleas for mission work in the United States, those words changed her life. In Kathryn Lopez’s thought-provoking article, “What Can I do Today?,” Kathryn reflects on how each of us should ask ourselves this same question in modern life. 

Read her article and reflect here!


Social Justice Award Presentation

Kathy Bowman with her SKD National Justice Award.