Eucharistic Spirituality — Total Gift of Self

The vital power and motivating spirit that gives meaning to all the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament are and do is the Eucharist — the Total Gift of Self.

Our dedication to Christ embraces the whole of his Body. Not only do we ourselves try to live the Eucharist, but we strive to lead others to live it too.


Consecrated Life

Receiving2webThe Eucharist is the truest expression of our vows —

Christ’s love for all (Chastity),
His voluntary emptying
of self (Poverty),

and His loving surrender to the Father’s will (Obedience). 


Responsibility and sensitivity to each others’ needs help us to grow more understanding, to Love One Another as Christ Loves Us.

Our hospitality
cheerful we hope –
invites others to feel at
home not only with us,
but also with Christ.

How do we identify ourselves with the poor? By choosing a simple lifestyle, by working along with them, by showing compassion and by our availability. We live, work, walk and talk with them in their neighborhoods whether in the inner city, on the reservation or in a rural area.

A Two-fold Apostolate: Prayer and Work

St. Katharine Drexel taught the sisters to combine contemplation with apostolic love. Only a deep union with God who directs us to serve those who knock on our doors or sit in our classrooms makes this possible.

By reflecting on the Eucharistic Liturgy and Scripture and by praying together
and alone, we learn to listen, to hear and respond to what Christ is calling us to now.


Our work with the poor

affirms their cultures and aspirations,

promotes social justice

and breaks open a way to share together the Good News.

We are called

to proclaim the Good News with zeal and enthusiasm 

to support the empowerment and self-determination of the people

to oppose all forms of racism

tpromote justice including environmental justice — we cannot ignore the unequal impacts environmental degradation has on low-income communities.