Social Justice

Rooted in the Eucharist
Service to the Poor

“My children, our love is not just to be words or mere talk, but something real, and active.
Saint Katharine Drexel

Our Mission
As Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, we believe God calls us to be a sign in the world of the power of the Eucharistic Christ to effect unity and community among all peoples.


Systemic racism is a term to designate the whole societal structure that maintains a racially oppressive system that privileges and oppresses different racial groups in society and  creates disparities in many success indicators: including wealth, the criminal justice system, employment, housing, health care, politics, education, and ecological.

**Institutional racism: inferred into policies or laws as well as its practice (e.g. enforcement and judicial systems). **Structural racism: inequalities that excludes members of particular groups from significant participation in major social institutions.

Voting  Suppression  Rev. Martin Luther King “Voting is the foundation stone of political action.”  To protect voters nationwide and our democracy, Congress must prioritize legislation that restores the full protections of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and implement structural reforms that will protect and strengthen the right of all citizens to vote and participate in our political processes.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), “The right to vote is the most fundamental constitutional right for good reason — democracy cannot exist without the electoral participation of citizens. We vote because it’s we, the people, who are supposed to shape our government.  Not the other way around.”   [i] ACLU. “Block the Vote: Voter Suppression in 2020”
ACLU, February 3, 2020

Social Justice Committee: Joyce Hadley, ASBS Chairperson; Sr. Jean Olmstead, SBS Leadership; Hilda Wiltz, ASBS; Kathy and Gary Scott ASBS; Madeline Tymes, ASBS; Ernest Tymes, ASBS; Sr. Consolata Beecher, SBS; Sr. Geraldine Mikulec, SBS; Sr. Patricia Rogan,SBS; Sr. Patricia Downs, SBS