Sunday, April 25

Opening Prayer by Archbishop Nelson Perez

Philadelphia’s Archbishop Nelson Perez opens our social justice week with a special reflection and prayer. We are all called to follow the example of St. Katharine Drexel in our daily lives.


Saint Katharine Drexel, The Holy Heiress Docuseries

Born into extreme wealth and high society, Katharine Drexel grew up a child of privilege. While her family believed that their money was given to them to share and to do good works, she wrestled with what God was calling her to do. “If there are people in poverty and starving, then what am I doing here?”

Katharine Drexel was by all accounts a normal teenager. When her father died, she became staggeringly rich and could have done anything she wanted to do. So, she gave it all up – dedicating her life and her fortune to serving the poor among Native and African American populations.


Keynote Speaker: Carmen Bermudez

Carmen Bermudez is the Founder and Chairman of Mission Management and Trust Co. in Arizona. Here, Carmen talks about how her childhood shaped her passion for social justice, her rise to success, and her becoming a recipient of the Sisters’ Social Justice Award in 2015. While Carmen was building a successful company, she also worked each day to address gender and racial discrimination. How does Carmen’s story inspire you?


Greetings from Cardinal Wilton Gregory

Cardinal Wilton Gregory, Archbishop of Washington DC, was recently named the first Black Cardinal. We are honored to have him greet us for our upcoming week of social justice conversations.