Thursday, April 29

Homily from Cardinal Gregory

Please enjoy this excerpt from one of Cardinal Gregory’s homilies. His words speak to how the history of social justice movements since St. Katharine has shaped today’s landscape. It is an important reminder of how far we have to come. (Thank you to the Diocese of Washington for sharing this video with us!)

Belle Glade Ministry – Sr. Laura


ASBS in Belle Glade

Although there are only 2 SBS remaining in Belle Glade, the Associates of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament in Belle Glade remains a strong group. Together, they participate in monthly prayer services, go on reflective retreats, and work to empower the Haitian community in southern Florida.

SBS & ASBS Ministry in Ferrier, Haiti

Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament served the Haitian Community in Ferrier, Haiti for 13 years. (1990-2001 and 2005-2007) Sr. Donna Breslin and Sr. Pat Downs went from Belle Glade in 1990 and began the ministry in Ferrier. We shared life with the people in Saint Charles Borromeo Parish, and the Oblates of Mary Immaculate. Needs of the people were responded to as we listened to what was expressed by them.

Mme St. Vil began a Nutrition Program and from this initiative began our response to the needs of the Community. Our financial resources came from many parishes and individuals who knew us from our work in Belle Glade, Fl working with the Haitian Community.
Once in Ferrier, we began to share the life of Saint Katharine Drexel and shared with the people that they could be Associates of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. Wearing a uniform to express your organizational bond is very important and the blue and white uniform was chosen.
Visiting the Ferrier Community was Gloria Van Brocklin, an Associate who lives in Wellington, FL, and had a ministry in Belle Glade with the Haitian Community. is shown sharing with a little child in the Nutrition Program.
In January 2021, due to various circumstances, we are no longer able to continue our financial resources for the Ferrier Community.